Concussion Treatment Services

We treat head trauma and concussions due to sports injuries, workplace accidents, motor vehicle collisions as well as other causes. We provide full neuropsychological services for concussion including baseline testing as well as concussion assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Recover from a Concussion

Dr. Brodeur conducts all neuropsychological services for concussion personally to ensure that the proper care is provided for each individual Client. She applies a combination of concussion education, psychotherapy, and rehabilitation strategies to treat the concussion and prevent future injuries. Each client’s progress is closely monitored and individualized assistance is provided to help with low mood, high stress, symptom management, and return to work/school challenges.

Multidisciplinary treatment is required to properly treat a concussion. Dr. Brodeur works collaboratively with other treatment providers such as physiotherapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, neurologists, family physicians, optometrists, occupational therapists.

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