Want to Feel Better?

Coping with life’s challenges can be hard. Everyone has periods when they feel overwhelmed with stress, worry, or despair. Having the support of an experienced therapist helps people better understand how to recover from setbacks and improve their quality of life.

Individual Counselling

We provide individual mental health and psychological counseling to adults (18+ years) to learn positive coping strategies to overcome mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Get started with an initial consultation where we discuss your presenting concerns & address your needs and goals.

Concussion Services

We treat head trauma and concussions due to sports injuries, workplace accidents, motor vehicle collisions as well as other causes. We provide full neuropsychological services for concussion including baseline testing as well as concussion assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Learn more about our concussion services.

Edmonton Mental Health Services

We all have many strengths. We all have the right to feel valued and respected, and the innate ability to become the best possible version of ourselves. If you are struggling, we would like to help increase your emotional and cognitive well-being. All you have to do is call.

We provide a safe, neutral, and supportive environment for Edmontonians dealing with psychological and mental health concerns, including:

  • Rehabilitation Psychology (chronic pain, adjustment to illness or injury)
  • Concussion / brain injury, cognitive decline, and brain health
  • Anger and stress management
  • Work-life balance
  • Addictions and substance abuse
  • Emotional regulation
  • Anxiety and depression